Agile for Fixed Bid Projects

by Shrikant Vashishtha

The basic premise of Agile methodology is to develop software in an incremental and iterative fashion based on regular feedback that is received at the end of each sprint (i.e., 2-4 week cycle). The resultant feedback of a sprint demo often translates into change, and Agile methodology has a key tenet around embracing change.

The question that confuses software professionals for a while is – how to accommodate changes in fixed-bid projects where scope, money and time are fixed.


So is it even possible to work in a fixed bid Agile mode? And if so, how?

Recently at Globallogic, we wrote a white paper which mentions techniques on how to handle such a scenario in Agile environment. Please take a look at it and share your own inputs on:

  1. The white paper itself
  2. Things which worked or didn’t work for you while working on fixed bid Agile projects

Link to white paper

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