An Apple a Day Does NOT Keep Doctor Away

by Avienaash Shiralige

Let’s say one day you get up and say “I want to be more healthy”. You decide that I will start having apples everyday. You do it everyday for months keeping all your old habits of sleeping late, eating junk food, drinking alcohol,smoking etc.

Agile Practices, Agile Mindset
Do you think having all these habits and eating an apple a day will keep doctor away?

Definitely NO.

And after a while you might even get disappointed and frustrated, and you will decide to stop eating apples claiming that “a healthy lifestyle simply doesn’t work for you” or “eating apples is not really helping you”.

Following few practices does not yield results. Old habits like no accountability/ownership, less collaboration, not asking questions, not saying NO, no respect for time, not being honest and doing practices like stand-up & retrospectives will not help.

A company or team only gets the most out of being Agile, when its mindset is based on the Agile principles stated in the agile manifesto such as continuous learning at all levels in the organization, business and IT working closely together, delivering the highest business value first, welcoming change, and creating an environment where motivated individuals can be creative and self-directing.