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Avienaash Shiralige – Agile Coach, Trainer and Business Optimisation Consultant
Avienaash Shiralige

In 2005 I applied agile as a process on my projects. After implementing it on 7-8 projects I realized that this is a very natural way of doing things. There is Rhythm, Honesty, Openness, Transparency, Trust and Freedom to make my own decisions and to make mistakes and learn from it . This is what I want in whatever I work I do or Job I take up.

For me Agile is a way of life. Hence companies where I talk to, consulted earlier, I get only one BIG question, how I change my people mindset.

So my goal for this blog is to Demystify Agile, see and experience it in simple way.

Hence my workshops are filled with real life experiences, very interactive and sincere so that I get to touch each participant soul and mind.

When conducting these workshops, I focus on an organization’s specific needs, challenges and expertise level in Agile.

I live in Goa, India with my wife Rashmie and 2 daughters of 9 years and 1.5 years. Rashmie writes articles in the space of Creative and Natural learning for Kids. You can find her articles on her blog Mommy Labs.  We un-school our daughter Parinita. You can find her writings on TinkerEarth.

Explore the site and get to know me. Then, if you think I might be right for your organization lean/agile journey, contact me. I would love to help you get started or get better with agile. Don’t forget to check feedback on my work by going to testimonials section.

Please write to me over email: avienaash@gmail.com or call me on Phone:+91-9158462733

My Corporate Profile….

  • 18+ years experience in the industry with last 6 years in leadership roles in product and service companies
  • Bootstrapping Teams/Business units from scratch.
  • Agile Consulting/Coaching different teams in India, Australia, Europe & US and conducted Agile/Scrum Coaching workshops.
  • Established vision-oriented high performance 100+ Distributed Scrum team.
  • Strong experience in executing projects in Waterfall and Agile and have played different leadership roles on Consulting, Delivery, HR Strategy, Sales and Marketing.
  • Defined and implemented HR/Recruitment strategies for building an Agile company and to get the cream of the crop on-board
  • Consumer Internet, E-Commerce (Go To Market strategy, User Acquisition, Monetize & Generate Revenue)
  • Helping organizations gain good foothold online, by devising online marketing, social media strategies, SEO etc.
  • You can check more about me on my LinkedIn profile.


Shrikant Vashishtha – Technology Strategist, Speaker, Scrum/XP/Agile Coach and Trainer


While working in a very large (entailing around 200 people overall) distributed waterfall project in 2006 , it was quite usual to get into mess every now and then. As a result, in order to discuss the project issues, we used to have very long meetings within every 1-2 months. After spending whole day or more, the result used to be a big excel-sheet of issues project had.

If I look back, nothing ever happened on those issues considering the enormity of the issues themselves.

I used to wonder if there is any better way to do the same work. That investigation led me towards Agile and I started implementing some of the Agile practices in that project. Results were brilliant and from that time onwards I never looked back.

While working as a coach, we evolved some new practices and patterns which have been very useful for distributed projects.

My idea of Agile is not limited with just software implementation only but focused on bringing holistic improvements in the whole software delivery cycle. During last couple of years I have been involved for Enterprise Agile Transformation for one of the largest banks in Western Australia. We implemented Scaled Agile Framework and applied lean principles for the whole IT delivery life-cycle starting from project idea inception to software deployment in production.

As a coach, I have been involved in coaching both technical and non-technical Agile teams. From technical perspective, I specialise in conducting training and coaching sessions for Continuous Delivery, Agile Testing, TDD, DevOps, Continuous Integration and Distributed Agile practices. For non-technical groups, I focus on Lean principles, Kanban and Scrum methodology to come out with the best results.

I live in New Delhi region, India with my wife Shikha and 3 years old daughter Suhani. I also write on self-development, fiction and philosophy.
Please write to me over email: vashishtha.sk@gmail.com

My corporate profile….

  • 14+ years experience in the software industry with 5 years in technology leadership roles.
  • Blogs on Agile, Scrum, XP and Agile Testing – Sampreshan, Agile Buddha – Testing, Agile Buddha.
  • Agile Consulting/Coaching for teams in Australia, USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, Netherlands and France.
  • Published an article on Passion Driven Work – Passion Driven Work and Being Empowered – The Secret Sauce of Generating Value of 1000 People from 50-People Startup.
  • Published articles in online publications like javaworld.com and OnJava.com.
  • Open Source contribution – http://github.com/vashishthask.
  • Provided technical leadership to very large distributed software projects involving 120-200 people.
  • Presented in Agile conferences like AgileIndia and AgileNCR on topics like Agile maintenance, distributed agile, Extreme Programming and Kanban.
  • Acted as crisis-resolver for many Agile projects through Agile coaching, collaboration and negotiations.
  • Passionate for defining corporate IT strategy and instrumental in creating organisational competencies for
    • Continuous Delivery
    • Mobile development (iOS, Android and Blackberry platforms)
    • Cloud computing – PaaS (GAE, CloudFoundry, RedHat-OpenShift), Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, private cloud
    • NoSQL (HBase and Casandra)
    • Hadoop
    • Grails
    • PHP5
    • HTML5
  • Specialties: Technology Strategy and Implementation, Distributed Agile, Agile Transformation
  • Take a look at my LinkedIn profile here

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