Behavior Driven Development Coaching Workshop – 2 days

Behavior Driven Development(BDD)



Program Overview: Two Day Training and Coaching – Hands-on workshop

Format of Workshop:

Participants get to understand behaviour driven development in the form of sessions and hands-on exercises and discussions.

Learning Outcomes:

  • That BDD is primarily a communication tool, to be used by the whole team
  • Understand other disciplines, perspectives on communication issues within the team
  • Understand the importance of developing a ubiquitous language within the team
  • Experience of the BDD process: breaking down user stories into scenarios
  • Understand the distinction between features, user stories. acceptance criteria and scenarios, and how those artifacts can be used by each discipline
  • Understand the difference between unit testing and acceptance testing, and the
    importance of each
  • See what Cucumber is, and how it can be used to automate BDD scenarios
  • Learn the syntax of Gherkin, the plan-language specification format for Cucumber specifications

Following topics in detail will be addressed in 2 days:

  • What is BDD?
  • Practical exercise: breaking down user stories into scenarios
  • Cucumber demo
  • Gherkin syntax
  • Junit for BDD
  • Writing readable specifications
  • Practical exercise: imperative vs declarative style
  • Traps, pitfalls, hints and tips
  • Writing acceptance criteria for user stories
  • Splitting user stories that are too big
  • Writing BDD scenarios for acceptance criteria
  • Facilitating specification workshops
  • Choosing what to automate
  • How Scrum, Kanban and BDD fit together
  • How to track progress and predict velocity with Kanban
  • Collecting metrics to measure the success of your BDD adoption

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