Agile/Scrum Foundation Training and Coaching Workshop

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Program Overview: One Day Training and Coaching Workshop

This will give good overview of Agile and Scrum. After undergoing this training, attendees will be familiar with the basics of Agile and Scrum, understand how Scrum works and be able to work in teams which use the Scrum methodology.

After undergoing this training, participants will have some doubts before they apply Scrum with confidence in their organization. For that you need go through more advanced and comprehensive program of 2 days.

Outcome of this workshop:

  • How to reduce waste and add value at every step in the software development(LEAN principle)
  • Participants will be able to apply new strategies to finish all phases of the project within a sprint(2-4 weeks)
  • Post this workshop, participants can apply some Agile Management practices to improve effectiveness of business solution and of Agile teams
  • Participants get overview of Agile estimation technique to better forecast their work
  • How to structure your teams to facilitate collaboration, and self-organisation to maximize business value to the clients
  • How to use burn-down charts

Target Group and Prerequisites:

Everyone new to Agile/Scrum and who want to apply Agile in co-located and distributed teams. Program Management, Project Management, Scrum Masters, Product Managers, Departments Heads, Developers, and Testers, Business Analyst, UI/UX and other roles on the project will benefit from this workshop.

Format of Workshop:

Participants get to understand core principles and in-depth Agile/Scrum/XP framework in the form of videos, group discussions, exercises, interactive sessions and innovation games.  Facilitator will address all the questions from participants about applying Scrum on real life projects.

Following topics in detail will be addressed in 1 day:

Why and What is Agile

  • Why different organisations are adopting Agile
  • Agile Values and Principles
  • Business outcome of using Agile

Scrum framework in detail

  • Scrum Roles, Ceremonies and Artefacts
  • Setting right team structures with different examples
  • Why, How and When of Backlog Grooming, Sprint Planning, Sprint Review,Sprint Demos
  • Gathering requirements using User Stories and how to validate requirements using acceptance criteria
  • Agile Estimation and Planning using Story Points
  • How do estimation using Planning Poker

Progress Tracking

  • Burn-down charts effectiveness and its different usage

Infrastructure requirements:

  • Participants will be divided to multiple teams of 4-5 people. Each team will be sitting around round table
  • 2-3 whiteboards at least and markers of different colors
  • Post-its on each table with pens
  • Internet connection to the facilitator to display and pull information from net
  • Audio speakers  to connect to facilitator laptop

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Mukul Shah July 4, 2012 at 11:33 pm

Date of workshop


Avienaash Shiralige August 6, 2012 at 5:01 pm

Hello Mukul,

You can find details of my public workshop here at this link.




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